Transfer Pricing

In the current globalized economy, it is essential to establish transfer prices that are consistent with the overall policies implemented by corporations and compliant with relevant regulations. Our team assists large multinational corporations in examining and defending policies and procedures concerning transfer prices as well as in drafting the appropriate transfer pricing documentation. We support the top management of enterprises in the definition and in the management of transfer pricing policies also with reference to processes of corporate restructuring.
In particular, our "Transfer Pricing" team supports the client in the following activities:

Assistance in the development of transfer pricing policies:

  • drafting of relevant documentation (masterfile and country specific documentation) according to relevant regulations;
  • examination and definition of corporate policies related to transfer pricing;
  • valuation of selected TP methods and verification of their application;
  • valuation and implementation of “alternative” TP methods;
  • assistance in the initiation of international ruling procedures;
  • development of models for measuring and monitoring intercompany transactions;
  • arrangement of procedures and authorization processes related to the regulation of intercompany relations.


  • benchmarking studies at national and international level, carried out consistently with OECD provisions, through well-established methodologies and through the use of the best informative tools and of the most accurate analysis instruments available on the market;
  • preparation of specific economic and financial analyses in order to support intercompany transactions and business activities.

Assistance during the assessment procedures carried out by Tax Authorities and in the pre-litigation and litigation phases.

Publications on Transfer Pricing