At Valente Associati GEB Partners we believe that research and development, as well as training and education, are essential to delivering outstanding consultancy services. For this reason, in collaboration with Centro Studi Internazionali GEB Partners and Valente Academy, we constantly monitor the regulatory framework and case law updates in our several areas of expertise, and we examine in depth the most relevant news coming from both the public and the private sector.

Our professionals are esteemed lecturers at university courses, specialization masters, conferences and seminars, to which they confer a practical – operational style, suitable for providing practical and useful tools for use in the professional practice. Such training activities are aimed at structuring the knowledge of professionals through effective and interactive communication with the audience. 
Our partners have also been collaborating for several years with key representatives of institutions providing training programs; this productive exchange allows for mutual enrichment in terms of methodology and regulatory updates.


Our professionals, in addition to providing consultancy services, are authors of several manuals and scholarly papers. Our volumes combine a strong and well-structured theoretical base with practical observations aimed at analyzing concrete, real-life cases and providing a methodological point of reference that can be the starting point for further analyses. When drafting our volumes, we are guided by the aim of foreseeing and satisfying the needs of our clients and future market demands. 
Our activities connected to the organization of conferences and seminars enable us to constantly relate with the most prestigious panels in the international arena. This allows us to enrich our view of the subjects in our areas of expertise, so that we can anticipate future trends. For this reason, in addition to taking part to conferences and seminars as lecturers, we frequently take on organization and coordination roles by participating in the planning and in the implementation of the events.
In carrying out this activity, we can count on our strong competence in the subjects treated, as well as on our awareness of the complex needs of a varied audience of professionals.
In the area of customized training programs, we offer services that are perfectly fine-tuned with the specific needs of our clients. In particular, one of the most innovative aspects of our approach to the client is represented by “microconsulting” services, which can also be accessed in combination with the corresponding publishing products.